Other types of work visas outside the annual entry quotas mechanism set by the government

Outside the cases listed in Article 27 TUI, the highly skilled workers and those covered by international mobility, there are other types of entry outside the annual planned entry quotas mechanism, and in particular:

  • workers employed by circuses or shows traveling abroad;

  • artistic and technical personnel for opera, theatrical, concert or ballet shows

  • dancers, artists and musicians employed on entertainment premises;

  • artists employed by theatrical, musical, or film bodies, or radio or television companies, public or private, or public institutions, as part of cultural or folklore events;

  • foreigners who are expected to play any type of professional sport activity for Italian clubs under Law 23 March 1981 n. 91;

  • correspondents officially accredited in Italy and paid by daily newspapers or periodicals, or by foreign radio or television stations;

  • people who, according to international agreements in force in Italy, undertake in Italy research activities or occasional work under programs of youth exchanges and youth mobility, or are people working as “au pair”;

  • professional nurses hired by public and private health facilities.

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