Shelf companies in Italy

Buying a shelf company means purchasing a ready-made company. It is one of the several ways to start a business in Italy.

The shelf company comes with an already registered VAT number, a very vast company’s purpose, a registered address in Italy, an active PEC address (certified email address) and is ready to conduct business operations.

The new owner of the shelf company is free to change, expand or reduce the scope of the company, indicate a different address for the company and change the name of the company. These services will be charged separately.

The two most important advantages of buying a shelf company are speed of purchase and the company’s longevity, which in some cases could attract more consumers or investors.

buy shelf company ItalyIs it possible to purchase a shelf company from a distance?

To purchase an Italian company, the interested party shall execute a transfer of shares deed before an Italian public notary. Should the interested party not be able to attend the meeting with the notary in person, a shelf company can be bought from a distance by giving power of attorney.

The transfer of shares process can be carried out from a distance through a power of attorney granted to our firm. In this case the power of attorney shall be notarized and apostilled (or notarized and legalized with a local Italian Embassy or Consulate if the country where the power of attorney is executed is not a member of the apostille convention) and sent to us in original.

How to purchase an Italian shelf company?

The procedure for transferring the shares consists of only three main steps:

  • First, under Italian law, all foreign directors and shareholders must obtain an Italian tax identification number (codice fiscale) issued by the Inland Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate).
  • Once it has been obtained, the transfer of shares deed must be executed with an Italian notary. Should the interested party not be able to attend the transfer of shares deed in person, it can be executed from a distance by giving a power of attorney.
  • The final step of the transfer of shares procedure is obtaining the company’s updated certificate. It will be necessary to file all the documentation related to the company with the Registrar of Companies in order to register the new shareholders.

Documents required

Very few documents are required to purchase a shelf company. If the shelf company is to be owned by an individual, we will need a copy of their valid passport and a power of attorney duly notarised and apostilled or notarised and legalised with the Italian embassy or consulate if the country in which you reside is not a member of the apostille convention).

Please note that the power of attorney is required only if you want to execute the transfer of shares from a distance. Alternatively, you may come to Milan to execute the transfer deed.

On the other hand, should the interested party be a legal entity, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, its company’s certificate and bylaws are required. These documents have to be apostilled and legalized before sending them to us in their original form.

Our Italian corporate lawyers of Lexia Avvocati can aid you in buying the best shelf company for your needs, as well as in drafting and submitting all documents needed to start your business quickly. Contact us.

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