Long-term VISA and residence permitfor corporate secondment of highly skilled staff (Intra-company transfer)

This type of work permit is governed by article 27 (a), D.L. n. 286/98, and its purpose is to allow the temporary transfer in Italy of non-EU nationals who are highly skilled workers or managers of companies or foreign multinational corporations, to start or assist the activities of branch offices or representative offices throughout the country. This procedure is for an alien worker who is employed abroad, with an employment contract and a professional category corresponding to a first management level, who is to be assigned temporarily in an Italian legal entity owned by the foreign company or an Italian branch of a foreign company or an Italian representative office of a foreign company, but who will still be paid by the latter. A special feature of this type of secondment is that the employee must be employed in the same business sector, before being transferred to Italy. Intra-company work visas can have an initial term of up to two years and can be renewed for up to five years.

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