Long-term visa and residence permit EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card allows skilled foreign workers to enter in Italy regardless of the annual quota mechanism, allowing them to be directly employed by an Italian company or employer. The main requirements and conditions for obtaining an EU Blue Card are as follows:

  1. an employment contract with an Italian company or employer, that lasts minimum 12 months;

  2. a bachelor’s degree (at least) that certifies a specialized qualification recognized in Italy. The university degree must be validated through the declaration of value by the Italian embassy of the country in which the degree was awarded, following an evaluation carried out by the Italian Ministry of Education

  3. the tasks must be of a highly specialized type, ie fall in levels 1, 2 and 3 of the ISTAT classification of professions CP 2011;

  4. the annual gross salary of the employee must be at least three times the minimum required for exemption from the Italian social security, equal to about € 32,000.

The validity of the EU Blue Card is from one year and three months to two years. Workers in possession of an EU Blue Card issued by another EU Member State, can enter Italy for the purpose of highly qualified employment without requiring an additional visa, provided they have lived for at least 18 months in that Member State. The new Italian employer will apply for the relative work authorization within one month from the entrance of the employer in Italy. The EU Blue Card holders have the same rights as an Italian citizen and can apply for an Italian permanent residence permit after five years of continuous residence within the EU.

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