VAT compliance

In Italy, VAT (Value Added Tax) is levied on the supply of almost all types of goods and services, as well as importation from outside the European Union. The general VAT rate in Italy is 22%. In some cases, the VAT has a reduced rate of 4% or 10% that may apply on basic products, while exports are zero-rated.

Companies are required to register for VAT immediately after incorporation. VAT returns need to be submitted to the Italian Inland Revenues (Agenzia delle Entrate) on a quarterly basis if the company’s turnover is less than € 50,000.00 or monthly basis if the turnover exceed the latter threshold.

Pursuant to EU directives and regulations, companies that trade or are planning to trade within the European Union are required to submit to the Italian Inland Revenue (Agenzia elle Entrate) a request to register their VAT number in the “VIES Register” as a condition to start trading.

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